Amazing Auctions

Amazing Painting
Artist Lucian Freud's 'Benefits Supervisor Sleeping' painting sold for $33.6 million at Christie's auction house in London on May 13. It set a record for the most money paid for a work by a living artist.

Written Paper
This letter, in which Albert Einstein wrote of his disdain for religion, sold for $404,000 at a London auction, Bloomsbury Auctions said on May 16. The buyer was identified only as a collector with "a passion for theoretical physics."

Sinery Painting
The painting 'Le Pont du chemin de fer a Argenteuil' by Claude Monet sold for $41 million at a May 6 auction at Christie's in New York. The price broke the auction record for the French impressionist. The previous record was $36.5 million for his 'Nympheas,' which sold last year.

Corn Flakes
Would you pay $1,350 for a corn flake shaped like the state of Illinois? That's what one pair of sisters pulled down on eBay after they auctioned off this flake they found one morning at breakfast.

Pure Diamond
A pear-shaped 72.22-carat diamond, expected to bring up to $13 million when it goes on the auction block next month, is seen during a press preview Monday March 10, 2008 at Sotheby's in New York. The D-color, flawless diamond will be sold April 10 at Sotheby's Hong Kong galleries.

Liberty One Cent
Among a set of 300 rare pennies that sold for $10.7 million was this 1794 penny, which is the size of a modern-day quarter. This single coin sold for $632,500.

U.S. P0stage
A 1918 "Inverted Jenny" stamp, perhaps the world's most famous stamp misprint, recently sold for $825,000 in a private sale to an anonymous buyer in New York. Another copy sold at auction last month for $977,500.

Globe Auction
This globe, which once belonged to Adolph Hilter, sold at San Francisco's Greg Martin auction house for $100,000 in October. An American soldier snagged the memento from the Furher's country home in 1945.



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