Different Meaning of Different Roses

Red : Romantic Love, Passion, "I love you," "You are Beautiful," "Congratulations"

Deep Red : Respect, "I Admire You"

White : Purity, Innocence, "My love for you is Deep and Pure"

Yellow : Joy, Friendship, New beginnings, "You are my Sunshine," "Welcome back," "I'm sorry," "Let's start again"

Pink : Young Love, First Love, Happiness, Sweetness, "With you I have Perfect Happiness," "You are so lovely"

Dark Pink : Gratitude, "Thank you!"

Peach/Coral : Desire, Excitement, "You are my Heart's Desire," "Let's get together"

Purple : Faithfulness, Passion, "My love for you is true," "You are my Passion"

Lavender : Love at first sight, "You Enchant me."

Red & White : Unity, Togetherness, "I love only you"

Red & Yellow :"Congratulations! "

Pastels : "I care," "all best wishes"

Mixed Bouquet : includes the meaning of each color in the bouquet

Rosebuds : Young love, innocent love, "you are sweet"

Full-Blown Roses : Engagement, "I am committed to you," "I love you still"

Small Bouquet : "I'm thinking of you."

One Single Rose : "Thinking of you," "just because I love you"

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